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As social media continues to work its way into the marketing budgets of small businesses, professionals are finding that they can no longer ignore its ability to reach today's customers, interact with and expand their professional networks, and greatly enhance their marketing efforts.

Presenting to the Knox County Bar Association on Wednesday, March 20, Dream Local Digital's Shannon Kinney will introduce the group of attorneys to strategies and specific steps they can take to incorporate social media into their practice and show them how to use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to increase revenue and enhance their reputation online.  Her presentation will cover the following key topics, each tailored for this unique group:

Content Planning - What should they share online?  How often?

Expediting Reach - How do they reach new clients on social media and search engines?

Paid Advertising - How much of their marketing budget should be shifted to online marketing and search engines?

Professional Networking - How can they use social media and online marketing to enhance their professional reputation and build their network?

Client Services - How can they use social media and online marketing to help existing clients and reach out to potential clients?

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Andrew J. Zulieve of ZulieveLaw in Waldoboro will participate in the upcoming National Business Institute or NBI seminar, Title Workshop: From Examination to Commitment.

The event will be held Monday, April 1 at Doubletree Hotel in South Portland.  His lecture will address title searches and land surveys, and ethical considerations affecting attorneys in real estate transactions.  The NBI offers a series of specialized training courses and materials to lawyers and professions through live, online, telephonic and written media.

Zulieve has more than 20 years of experience in business, real estate, construction, contract negotiations, with special focus on intellectual property and e-commerce law.

During law school, he was a law clerk for the D.C. headquarters of Finnegan Henderson, one of the world's largest intellectual property firms.  During his tenure at the United States Trademark Office, he successfully argued cases before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.  Today, from his office ZulieveLaw in Midcoast Maine, Zulieve serves clients both nationally and internationally.

He actively participates in the real estate, intellectual property and corporate law divisions of the Maine Bar Association and various community business groups.  In addition, he regularly presents lectures and seminars, and publishes articles and columns on a variety of subjects focusing on current issues of copyright, trademark, trade secret and e-commerce law, and related best-business practices.  He earned his bachelor of arts degree from Miami University in Ohio and his juris doctorate degree from the Antioch Law School in Washington, D.C.

Fore more information, Zulieve can be reached at 790-2185 or by e-mail at

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